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Standardized Application and Formal Advantages of O-type Rubber Seal Ring

日期:2018年9月14日 14:53

Rubber sealing rings are widely used in various mechanical equipment seals. They play a sealing role in static or moving state in the prescribed temperature, pressure, and different liquid and gas media. They also ensure the normal operation of the mechanical system. Dongsheng seals tell you that O-type rubber seals are suitable for all kinds of laser mechanical equipment, as well as for automobiles, hardware, electronic appliances, machinery and other instruments.

First, what are the advantages of O-type rubber sealing ring specifications and other sealing parts?


1. Compared with other sealing parts, O-type rubber sealing rings are suitable for various sealing specifications and have dynamic and static sealing forms.


2. At the same time, it is suitable for many kinds of seal motion forms, such as reciprocating motion, combined seal operation, rotating motion and axial reciprocating motion.


3. Suitable for all kinds of materials, size and groove have been standardized, strong interchangeability;


4. O-ring is a standardized sealing element, so it is simple in design, small in structure and convenient in assembly and disassembly.


5. The cross-section structure of rubber seals is extremely simple, and has self-sealing effect, and the sealing performance is reliable.


6. Rubber materials can be properly combined with various formulations to achieve an effective sealing effect on oil, water, air and various chemical media.


7. Suitable for various sealing media: oil, water, gas, chemical or other mixed media;


8. Rubber material has a wide range of temperatures. Generally, it is used at - 45 C~260 C.

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